"The Demo"

by Iyadede

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    All music by Iyadede, Abdul & Blessoil except where noted

    ** Not the same: instrumental Track produced /affiliated to Marcus Logan (New York)

    ** Wait a minute: instrumental Track produced by Nineteez (Paris)

    ** Little Brown Girl: instrumental Track produced by Cortez Farris (Atlanta/New York)




:( THE DEMO :) - (noun,verb,adjective) A rough draft of music by a great singer (Iyadede) and two producers (Abdul and Bless)


released February 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Iyadede New York, New York

The name Iyadede pronounced (E-ya-day-day) was given to her by her grandmother because it means " nobody but Dede can walk in Dede's shoes" and Iyadede has walked many miles. She journeyed from Rwanda, where she was born: to Belgium in order to escape the genocide that was ravishing her native land. From Belgium she moved to Brooklyn U.S.A where she resides today. ... more

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Track Name: When I Was A Kid
All gold does not shine
And all shine is not gold
I legend I've been told
Grew on my mind and so
I found a clay so good
My fingers always knew
A heart is one who holds
The shape of life I mold

Yes you got a pretty box
Very fancy trendy box
But I don't fit in
Find me on the other side
When you break your window bars
Cause I won't fit in

When I was a kid
I was never taught to surrender
Summer used to last forever
When I was a kid
As far as I can remember
Dream was on the snap of my finger
When I was a kid

The truth that is on your side
As long as your know why
Then all the tears you'll cry
Won't leave the world to dry
Must I be confused
To lead this path I choose
Each time you say I must
That's when I won't come through
Track Name: Burnstone and Fire
I took a chance you broke my heart just by surprise
You didn't know I had it all and you want it all
You keep on having us looking in
With your silver fences and your bible laws
You loved the fire now your ground is seedless
And your God is helpless

I had the land you brought the bible
Told me to pray away the burning fire
I closed my eyes once I was done
You had my land

The shits you feed me
Brimstone and Fire

I had the land you had the bible
Now you own my land and you ate my son
Somehow you know you're too far gone
Cause your eyes are showing what your mouth won't say
You look around you see the house be burning down while you were asleep
Now you want me to sweep your bloody streets
Mercy for me believe me I will
Track Name: Emergency
It is an emergency
Why you fall so strongly to follow the main tendency
Weather is man made
You've been told when to take your umbrella
When it is your time to speak
Your knees are weak they got you thinking it's a fantasy
You turned into that man the kid in you used to fear

Keep on pushing
The strength of a lion
Is in your desires
Don't miss the light
Keep on telling
The rise of a soul free
Is the only ending
Don't miss the light

Open up your hands and see
If the lines in it ever faded, and the gold
And please
Let go the logo's won't bring you any definition
This opportunity
Is a breath of light that flies away
Through your own two eyes
Take it from me
Doesn't get any more real than this

Keep on pushing
The strength of a lion
Is in your desires
Don't miss the light
Keep on telling
The rise of a soul free
Is the only ending
Don't miss the light